Theme Artist

AthHalf Theme Artist for 2019

Anna LeBer was chosen from a pool of applicants to be the 2019 theme artist for AthFest Educates, the local nonprofit that hosts the annual AthFest Music & Arts Festival and the AthHalf Half Marathon and 5K. LeBer will create the designs that will be featured on festival and race t-shirts, merchandise, advertisements and websites.

LeBer has been making art since she was a kid growing up in Atlanta. She attended Pace Academy in Atlanta, taking art classes there and developing her style as an artist, and moved to Athens ten years ago to study at the University of Georgia, where she earned a BFA in Painting.

During college, LeBer had an internship with Four Athens, a nonprofit dedicated to entrepreneurship and expanding tech education in the area. While there she broadened her artistic skillset to include graphic design and continued that work as a Junior Design Partner for a start up in Atlanta, before moving back to Athens and taking a job in 2017 as an ad designer for Flagpole Magazine, where she works today. Most recently LeBer designed the branding art for the “Flagpole Favorites” contest. Her art is also currently on display and for sale at Atomic Athens.

LeBer said she applied to be the AthFest Educates theme artist because, “I think AthFest is an awesome part of Athens culture and I thought it would be fun to work on, and be great exposure for my art.” She added, “I’m totally looking forward to seeing it up and around town, on billboards and then at the festival and the race.”

LeBer hopes her art will bring something special to the iconic Athens events. Saying, “AthFest has been around for a while and I wanted something that would be fresh and whimsical, and that would appeal to young people and people of all ages.” The designs for the annual music and arts festival, which takes place June 21-23, will be previewed on the organization’s social media accounts in March.

AthFest Educates Executive Director Jill Helme said, “We take great pride in showcasing the incredible artistic talent here in Athens. The theme artist enables us to bring a fresh look to our events every year, and Anna's designs are no exception. They're fun, energetic and very Athens. I've already picked out the shirts I'm buying this year! We're honored to have her on the team."

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